November 22

An Outfit I’ve Worn Recently Post #2

Hey everyone,

I’m going to keep on sharing outfits I’ve not worn on Sundays at Church (to give you all ideas on what to wear).

The outfit I’m sharing with you all today I wore at church Wednesday night.

I decided to go with a Ralph Lauren theme.

Here are the pieces I wore:

-Ralph Lauren Sweater (I bought for $5 at a thrift store 5 years ago)

-Ralph Lauren Shirt (I bought it for $4 at a thrift store)

-Haggar Dress Pants (I wore these in a previous post. Scroll down to bottom of post for link.)

-Izod penny loafers (I bought for $15 on Ebay)

Here is how I look in the clothing:

Here are all the pieces:

It cost me $44. It seems high again but I’ve worn the pants in a previous post.

Check the link out for that post:

Please let me know what you think.

Thank You and Have A Nice Weekend,

Millennial Buddy

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