December 1

An Outfit I Wore Recently Post #3

Hey everyone,

I’m going to share with you an outfit I wore to the “Greening” at my parent’s church this past Sunday.

Here are the clothes I wore:

  • Chaps Dress Shirt (It cost me $3 at a thrift store.)

  • Chaps Sweater (It cost me $5 at a thrift store. I wore it in a previous post. Check the link at bottom of post.)

  • Lands End Courduroy Pants (They cost me $4 at a thrift store.)

  • Bass Tassel Loafers (They cost me $10 at a thrift store.)

Here’s how I look in the clothes:

Here are all the clothes:

This outfit cost me $22.

Please let me know what you think.

Thank You and Have A Great Weekend,

Millennial Buddy

P.S. I will not be posting again until next Monday.

Here’s a link to another post I wore the red sweater in:

What I Wore To Church On Sunday 10/29/17


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