December 4

How I Did On My Budget in November

Hey everyone,

As we all know, November ended last week.

So now, it’s time to share with you how I did on my budget in November.

I worked on this over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here’s a link to the budget I created:

Here’s how I did on the income:

  • I earned what I budgeted ($1732).

Here are my expense wins for the month:

  • I spent $68 less than expected on car expenses ($132 vs. $200).
  • I spent $54 less than expected on my cat ($6 vs. $54).
  • I spent $47 less than expected on personal expenses ($103 vs. $150).

Here is where I can do better on my budget:

  • Even though I was $13 below expected on utilities, I have to do a better job in that category.
  • I have to find better deals when eating out and grocery shopping.
  • I have to be more careful when spending money on household needs.

The only pitfall in my budget was…

  • That I had to take $110 out of my going back to college fund to cover the health insurance expenses I had to pay for January 2018. But it’s better than taking it out of my $1,000 emergency fund.

Overall, I did okay on my budget.

There are places I can improve on.

But, I’ve learned to become more responsible with money and be better prepared for upcoming emergencies through doing a budget.

Here’s what I have in my sinking funds I created:

  • $75 in Utilities
  • $208 in Car Expenses
  • $114 in Pet Expenses
  • $290 in the Back to College Fund
  • $87 in Car Insurance

Please let me know what you think and how I can do better on my budget.

Thank You and Have A Great Day,

Millennial Buddy

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