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How do different denominations affect your pokies gameplay and payouts?

The key choice you face when playing online pokies is denominations the amount each wager and payout is worth. The denomination dramatically impacts your overall gameplay, bankroll requirements, and winning potential. The main effect of denomination on pokies is that higher denominations require a larger bankroll. That’s because your bets cost more per spin. While a 1c machine lets you wager 100 credits for $1, on a $1 slot each credit is worth $1. So to make 100 $1 spins at max bet would cost $100. Higher denominations drain your bankroll faster, so you need more funds to sustain your session. Lower denominations allow you to play longer on a small budget. Conservative players tend to prefer penny slots for this reason. Know your bankroll limits and pick a denomination that aligns with your means.

Volatility and risk levels

Denomination also impacts the volatility and risk profile of a poker game. Lower denominations tend to have lower volatility, meaning payouts are smaller but more frequent. Higher denominations often have bigger payouts, but less frequent wins. The size of the wager affects the scale of the prizes. Since the bets cost more, winning combinations pay more to compensate. This makes higher denomination slots more volatile and inherently riskier, albeit with bigger reward potential. Players need to weigh their risk tolerance against the denomination and volatility.

Hit frequency and length of play

Along with volatility, the denomination affects the hit frequency – how often you expect to land winning spins versus blanks. Lower denomination pokies have a higher hit frequency to encourage more customer playtime. Even small payouts boost enjoyment and let you test different bet sizes. Since higher denominations cost more per spin, the games compensate with lower hit frequency. You’ll likely go through dry spells waiting to hit that large payday. So, higher denominations lead to shorter, more expensive play sessions as losses accrue faster.

Bet sizing and flexibility

With higher denominations, the larger credit size also affects bet flexibility. On a 1c machine, you can precisely calibrate wagers from 1c up to $1 per line. But, on a $1 slot, the minimum bet is $1 per line. This gives lower denomination players more control over varying their bet sizes. You can size up as your bankroll or luck increases. If your budget is dwindling, scale back to smaller bets. This flexibility helps money management. With higher denominations, you’re more limited to a minimum of $1 wagers.

Gameplay speed and cost per hour

How fast you play through your bankroll also depends on the denomination. Lower denomination pokies allow faster autoplay speeds and more max bet spins per hour. You blaze through 100 1c spins far quicker than 100 $1 spins. This contributes to lower denoms costing less per hour of play. The higher your denomination, the slower gameplay becomes as you wait for reels and payout animations between costly spins. Estimate your hourly cost by considering denomination, bet sizes, and how many spins you make in 60 minutes. With an optimal balance, you take advantage of all the features and payout possibilities online pokies real money has to offer.