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How To Style The Hat To Grab Attention?

It seems the 90s trend is resurging and making us believe that fashion is cynical. The hats have become a cool new trend. Besides its practical uses, celebrities and influencers don these hats to create a style statement. The designers are also using these hats as an accessory to style their look. The trend is not going to fade away any time soon.


How to style your hat?


For most of us, it is an accessory that might seem tricky to wear because we don’t want to look like a teenager, so here we have compiled the easy ways to style your Supreme Hat Black without raising eyebrows.


  1. Pair the hats with a smart casual outfit

The hats pair well with a casual outfit. The chinos and a casual button-up or muted tones pants work well. To nail the look, pair the hat with dark shades or prints. Wear your cap in a way that your face and forehead are completely visible.


  1. Pair them with hip hop outfits

The hip-hop outfits remind up of a preppy look that looks cool and casual. Yes, you can pair up these hats with these outfits. It will give you an edgy look and prove it to be an ideal accessory. Select a hat that is bold or printed. Wear them brim facing with an oversized t-shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers.


  1. Team it up with Corduroy pants

You can wear this headgear with corduroy pants to look classic and fashionable. This luxurious look goes well with your classic wardrobe staple.


  1. Wear it with your shorts

It is a summer essential and a perfect partner to accompany you on the beach, along with tins of beer and sunscreen. More than protection from squinting at the sun, the right hat will add personality to your printed shorts and t-shirt look.

Another way to elevate the fashion game is to pair your beach outfit (shirts or sandals) with a hat. Just ensure that the headgear matches with the overall layers of the outfit to make you look inevitably cool.


  1. Wear a solid color hat

Ditch the patterned hat if you are flaunting the prints. As the overall look will clash and it will be a fashion faux pas.


  1. You can nail the monochrome trend

The black Supreme hat will look uber cool if you match the outfit’s tone and create a harmonious look. You can pair it up with your monochrome outfits too.


It’s time to invest in a cool hat. Hype Your beast offers you a wide range of hats that you can wear in different ways to look stylish and courant.