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Rules to Follow about HORIZON BLINDS

Don’t put your blinds up to early. You want to ease into the season and let your curtains get used to being closed again.

Do not use a cordless blinds system for your patio or deck. You can still use them, but you will need an extension cord or power source nearby (a socket on an extension cord in the basement would work).

Don’t leave the cord hanging down from the center of your window frame — this is dangerous for little ones who may grab it or play with it if they see it dangling from a window frame.

Don’t forget that you need to close the bottom of your windows when installing blinds! If you have tall windows, make sure you have enough space at the bottom of your window so that when they are fully opened, there is still enough room for them to close all the way and lock properly!

Don’t leave them up for too long, this will dry out the fabric and cause it to crack.

Ensure that you clean your Horizon Blinds regularly, this will remove any dirt or dust from the fabric which may be affecting its appearance.

Simple Tips for Using HORIZON BLINDS

Here are some simple tips for using your HORIZON BLINDS:

Measure your windows before ordering. The size of the window will determine the size of the blinds that you need to order. If your window opening is too small or too large, you may need to order custom-made curtains instead of standard blinds.

Take care when removing old curtains or shades because they can be very heavy and difficult to handle without causing damage to them or yourself!

When putting up new curtains or shades remember that they should hang evenly across both sides of the window opening so that they do not look lopsided when viewed from outside your home (or office). If they do not hang evenly across both sides, then you will need to adjust them until they do so by using string or other methods as needed until they are hanging evenly on both sides again.

Mistakes with HORIZON BLINDS

The HORIZON BLINDS is a blinds-and-curtains combination system that can also be used as a regular window treatment for your home. The system comes with two panels, one for the bottom half of your window and another for the top half. They contain a microfiber fabric that can be removed when it’s time to wash them.

Here are a few mistakes that people make with these blinds

Not installing the blinds in front of the window.

The blinds have not been cleaned properly.

Using too much tape to secure the blinds

The blinds have been installed with the wrong size or type of window.

There is a draft in the house that is causing the blinds to sag.

The blinds are too long for their height and width, causing them to sag at the top or bottom of the window frame.