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Tengen Uzui’s Wives In Demon Slayer

To avoid having the same costume as others, many people will choose Tengen Uzui for Anime Halloween Costumes. Due to the fact that he is not as popular as various other primary characters in Devil Slayer, yet additionally an extremely powerful character. He is the Noise Hashira that appeared in the Amusement Area Arc. Since his family members relied on sequence with selection. Thus the Uzui family members selected its followers by making the kids eliminate for the placement. Because his family medicine polygamy, he has three better halves that are all experienced ninjas. But do you know who they are?

  1. Makio

Makio in the Enjoyment Area Arc was a covert courtesan at the Ogimoto Home. Here as she explores the motions of demons, she reports to Tengen through crows. After being saved by Inosuke, she shows extremely versatile and fast activities. Her weapon of selection as a ninja is a kunai.

At some point of her life, Makio wed Tengen Uzui, along with Suma as well as Hinatsuru. After she left the clan, her household journeyed to see Kagaya Ubuyashiki in order to deal with as a part of the Satanic force Killer Corps.

  1. Suma

Suma is finest described as the female version of Zenitsu. She is a young woman with reasonable skin as well as, black hair withcon brief bangs over her forehead and also round eyes.

Suma worked undercover as an Oiran in the Tokito Home in the Amusement District Arc. As a ninja, she possesses the called for abilities of stealth, versatility, and also speed. However, in hazardous circumstances, she is easily discombobulated. According to the Devil Killer’s 2nd Databook Suma is in fact bisexual.

  1. Hinatsuru

In the Entertainment District Arc, Hinatsuru worked undercover in a low-class brothel in the Yoshiwara district. She is popular as the calmest and also most reasonable partner, and as a ninja, she is committed to her tasks. Hina more than likely specializes in poison as she is seen utilizing it to end up being sick as well as record to Tengen. Better, she likewise arms herself with a box of kunai tied with Wisteria poisonous substance.

Hinatsuru is a young woman of ordinary height possessing a curvaceous and slim number with lengthy black hair that she normally maintains tied back right into a ponytail. She has large, almond-shaped violet eyes mounted with thin eyelashes and also eyebrows as well as a distinct beauty mark (or mole) located under her left eye, providing her a mild and also kind appearance.appearance. Beautiful appearance and charming personality also made Hinatsuru one of the most popular Demon Slayer Costumes of the previous generation.

At some point in the past, Hinatsuru, Makio and Suma were instructed alongside by Tengen on his personal ideology: to put their own lives first, then respectable humans, and lastly himself. Later, when Makio questioned this in private, as it went against what they had been taught as kunoichi. Hinatsuru assured her that as long as she was okay with it, Tengen would also approve of it. Although Tengen was not a competent husband, he did influence the fate of these three women and fought for more rights for them.