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The Advantages of Having a Clean List of Email Addresses

Every email address in your database has a price tag, whether you recognize it or not. The quality of those addresses you control can imply the difference between:

A profit or a loss from your email marketing efforts; a client list of delighted consumers or a costly lawsuit; and a profitable Christmas season or failed sales targets and irate executives.

The Financial Advantages of Good Email Hygiene

How concerned is your firm about the quality of email addresses? If you answer “not very,” you could be costing your company a lot of money in lost earnings. Check out this example from a recent webinar we spoke at.

Just by focusing on email address quality, you can increase revenue earned per dollar spent on email marketing by 65%.

What makes this possible? You lose money when you send to undeliverable, unengaged, or troublesome addresses. Let’s look at how it works:

The Price of Low Email Address Quality

  1. Detrimental Effect on Delivery

You should not send it to an address just because it is deliverable. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) analyze inbox placement using both negative and positive measures. As a result, deliverable but unengaged addresses impede your ability to enter the inbox. Your ability to avoid the garbage folder decreases as your engagement decreases.

  1. Wasteful Spending

Every email on your list has an associated cost:

Your ESP will most likely bill you based on the size of your list or the number of emails you send, whereas your acquisition sources will charge you per email. Why waste money acquiring and delivering to inactive contacts who will never interact with your company? It just does not make financial sense. This is exactly what you will be doing if proper hygiene measures are not in place.

  1. Dissatisfied Customers

If you can’t get to the inbox, you won’t be able to provide consumers with the information they require. Promotions, order confirmations, and billing invoices do not reach their intended recipients. Customers become enraged as a result, and what follows is never positive.

  • They become irritated and vent on social media.
  • They contact your call centre, which might cost you hundreds of dollars for every inquiry.
  • In the worst-case scenario, they simply up and leave you for a competitor


  1. Liability for Data Breach

If a breach happens, each email address in your house file carries a liability. Carrying obsolete, unresponsive email accounts puts you in danger. Reduce your risk by removing dormant addresses from your database.

  1. WORST CASE Scenario – You Are Blocked or Blacklisted

Even the most diligent businesses might find themselves in serious problems when it comes to email address quality. We recently spoke with officials from a major business that thought they had everything covered. Unfortunately, they did not perform any regular database hygiene.

This caused a deliverability nightmare, causing the company to miss important seasonal sales goals and necessitating a 90-day recovery period to restore deliverability to its previous levels.


Marketers should safeguard their consumers and themselves from excessive risk when it comes to email list management and data hygiene. This is particularly true for email list management and data hygiene.

The idea here is to eliminate the possibility of your organization making a mistake. This is only possible by developing a foolproof email hygiene plan.