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The easiest way to undress images

The field of artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, from healthcare and finance to transportation and entertainment. Check the most interesting aspects of its implementation right now. 

Which help can you get from using the AI?

Nowadays, Microsoft has developed a neural network that draws caricatures of an American radio journalist who lost his voice; the neural network will allow him to get back on the air. Adobe has trained a neural network to distinguish edited photos very accurately. With the help of a neural network, you can generate a video speech of Barack Obama and other famous people.

However, there is an undress application, which is a computer program that magically erases any unwanted cloth from your image. The program has three selection tools: rectangle selection, polygonal lasso, and brush. In addition, the program can handle all standard image file types. With it, you can easily learn how to remove unwanted clothes from girls.

How to create nude images of your favorite girls?

The Nudify “removes” clothes from photos using neural networks. This allows you to make fake but at the same time, quite realistic nude pictures of women. Nude images created by other programs are usually of low quality. Retouching and traces of the original photo are visible on them, but at the same time, such pictures can still affect people’s lives and even carry a certain threat. The authors assume that people can use such services to create “nude” images of colleagues, friends, classmates, and even family members, and the realism of this content only increases over time.

The developer recommends using photos of girls in swimsuits facing the camera as output photos. Most of the results, if the conditions are met, turn out to be quite realistic; in some cases, the service leaked nudes of better quality and even makes the girl’s figure slimmer.