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The four verticals of English – Importance and Practical usage

The school curriculum covers a lot of subjects in one go. It is a necessary mode of education, but not sufficient. Most of the kids these days suffer from a lack of proper training in the English language. The school curriculum only teaches English as a subject and not as a tool to be employed for future progress.

This is why after-school programs like private tutoring Write On Q become necessary for the betterment of your kid’s English language prowess. One main difference between school curriculum and after-school language programs is that the school teaching is based on grade, while the latter focus on the progress of your child in the subject.

This is important because some kids might pick up a language fast and make progress, while others might take time to get along with the learning of a language. So it is pointless to classify kids based on their age and grade, rather than grouping them according to their progress in the language learning program.

Some of the main areas where your child will need assistance to master English language are as follows:

  • Reading and comprehension
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Writing

Only when all the above-mentioned four traits of a language are mastered by your kid can he/she confidently face the English-speaking world out there and shine in the future.


One way to master the comprehension of any language is to read relentlessly in your childhood. Most of the writers and rhetoric orators have confirmed that their reading habits from a very young age have been very active. But just reading some books is not going to be enough for your kids. They have to learn to read and understand the meaning of the text to the core.


Speaking skills, especially public speaking skills, are the least developed in our kids these days. Since the advent of the digital world, children seldom read, which led to the decline of their speaking skills as well. Moreover, public speaking requires training so that your kid does not stutter and stammer before a crowd, rather speaks with confidence and passion.

Listening and writing are two acquired skills for a language learning process. Listening and understanding the English language is as equally important as being able to write it with zest and enthusiasm.

In short, creating an environment where your kid is exposed to all the four verticals of communication is necessary to help them develop a strong prowess in the English language.