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Why Will You Require a Pallet Changer?

In many industries, goods need to be transferred from one pallet to another due to hygiene requirements and since expensive pallets continue to circulate within the production floor.

Mostly, you will find it in the following industries:

  • Food processing industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Healthcare industry

These industries use plastic pallets due to their superior sanitary requirements. Plastic pallets are known for their offering resistance to fungi and bacteria, both of which can grow on wooden products.

On the other hand, plastic pallets are much easier to sanitize however, are more expensive than any wooden pallets.

With the help of a pallet upender supplied by Top Industries, your goods can be easily moved horizontally from any plastic pallet to wooden pallets and you can keep the plastic pallets in your loop to save pallet costs.

The following are a few reasons for the pallet changing operation:

  • Hygienic-sanitary reasons
  • To save on shipping pallets
  • To automate the whole operation which was done manually by the workers
  • To replace broken pallets
  • To replace broken products

Palletization is the process of loading the goods onto a pallet so they may be moved using a forklift or pallet truck, among other types of transportation. In the next stages of product grouping, pallet change is the crucial component.

Moving goods is never a simple or quick task, especially in lthe ight of the expanding market needs.

There are some great benefits of pallets as mentioned below:

1.     Speed

There are several types of pallet inverters or pallet changers, based on the products to be processed and the number of pallets per hour you wish to change.

2.     Versatility

The pallet changers come in a variety of styles and can be modified to meet the requirements of the business and the items. When assessing a machine, it is a good idea to consider the weight of your goods and whether it tips easily.

3.     Footprint

Depending on the warehouse’s capacity and the goods to be handled, the pallet changers’ size can alter, and they can either be positioned in small locations or take up more room.

4.     Reduction of injuries

Due to safety precautions and the worker’s limited involvement in the processes, the pallet change will make operations safer.

5.     Safer products

By using the pallet changer, you may replace a damaged pallet even while it is holding delicate goods without making a mistake or requiring the people to exert themselves physically.

6.     Save your time and effort

You can save time and efforts by using pallet changers, or inverters. The pallet changer simply tilts or completely inverts the entire pallet and cargo instead of requiring to un-stack it. By doing so, the pallet’s weight is reduced and it can be replaced.

Pallet inverters are typically more useful for production procedures that rely heavily on shifting pallets. The time needed to de-stack and swap pallets manually is too expensive when your business is going to receive and also export a plenty of palletized goods and other inputs.

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