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Fun Holidays at 5 Star Hotels in Medan


Having vacation plans? No need to go far abroad, you can visit exotic cities in Indonesia. One of the destinations that you can choose is the city of Medan.

The choice of cultural and historical attractions is one of the attractions for tourists. Anyway, Medan is the perfect city for you to visit while on vacation with your loved ones.

Discussing tourist and culinary destinations in Medan seems to be endless. There are many places that you should add to your itinerary list. Don’t forget the choice of a comfortable hotel to stay in during your vacation in Medan. For those who need a recommendation for a 5-star hotel in Medan, check out the list below!

  1. Cambridge Hotel Medan

Want to stay at a hotel with complete facilities and a modern design? You can go directly to Cambridge Hotel Medan. This hotel is very suitable for tourist or business trips. You don’t have to worry about the location, the location is strategic, close to shopping centers and tourist destinations. There is no need to doubt the problem of facilities. It’s complete! There are adult and child pools to pamper yourself. You can also sunbathe on the sundeck by the pool. Here you can also go to the Royal Spa to get various attractive spa and massage services.

If you feel hungry, don’t worry! There are five variants of restaurants for those of you who stay at Cambridge Hotel Medan. There’s The Rendez-vous, The Cafe, The Baked, The View, and The Edge. Interestingly, you can enjoy the Medan breeze and some variative halal food from The Edge Restaurant, located on the rooftop.

Well, for those interested in making this hotel a temporary residence, there are various types of rooms and suites that can suit your needs. Just like five-star hotels in general, the facilities of each room in this hotel are also unquestionable. You will get air-conditioned room facilities, flat-screen cable TV, and WiFi.

  1. JW Marriott Hotel Medan

Located in the heart of Medan City, this hotel has a magnificent and elegant interior design, surrounded by various tourist destinations and delicious culinary delights. Only 3.9 km from the hotel, you will find popular historical tourist destinations such as Tjong A Fie’s House. Interestingly, there is a transportation service to places around the site with a free shuttle service for guests.

Turning to room facilities, surely a 5-star hotel will not disappoint you. This hotel provides 278 rooms with a minibar, LED TV, air conditioning, and free WiFi. You can also enjoy the beautiful panorama of Medan City in the afternoon with large windows in each room.

On the sidelines of your vacation, you can also relax by enjoying massage services and facial treatments at this 5-star hotel. Alternatively, refreshing the body with exercise in the gym is also a good idea.

If you prefer to spend your free time swimming, you can go directly to the outdoor swimming pool or whirlpool, which is open every day from 6 am to 11 pm. There is a special pool for children too, you know. It’s more fun! This hotel is also famous for its excellent restaurant facilities! Three restaurants will spoil your stomach. Try a wide selection of delicious dishes at the Marriott Cafe, Jade Chinese Restaurant, and Prime Steakhouse. There are also coffee shops, Marriott Gourmet, and Prime Bar, which provide live music to add an exciting impression to your vacation. It’s perfect for staying here!

  1. Condominium Danau Toba Hotel

Next, the Condominium Danau Toba Hotel is no less strategically located with complete facilities. Apart from being equipped with quite full facilities and a warm atmosphere, its location in the city center makes access from this hotel to the culinary center and tourist center in Medan very easy. In addition, you can visit the Central Petisah area, which is sprinkled with culinary delights.

There are many culinary delights to try, from Bika Ambon to eating at the legendary Tip-Top Restaurant. This 5-star hotel also offers rooms with complete facilities. Start from WiFi, private bathroom with separate shower and bathtub, refrigerator, to work desk. Perfect for a family vacation! After walking around the city, it’s good to swim or relax while playing in the water by the pool. So just take your family or friends to the hotel pool!

Don’t forget to invite your children or family to play on the available playground too. Wow, the holidays are getting more and more exciting! Need a cup of coffee or want to have a casual chat with your loved ones? The Medan Coffee Shop is happy to accompany your day. Other facilities that you can enjoy during your stay here are a gym and tennis court. Super complete, right?

  1. Grand Aston City Hall Medan

Another hotel recommendation that is perfect to accompany your vacation is the Grand Aston City Hall Medan. The location of this hotel is also in the heart of Medan City. In addition, the location is right across from the popular Merdeka Walk. So, you will also find it very easy to reach various culinary stands there.

Just like other downtown hotels, Grand Aston is an hour’s drive from Medan Kuala Namu Airport. In addition, there are Maimun Palace, Plaza Medan Fair, Medan Center Point, Medan Fish Tax, each of which is less than 2 km away. For those interested in staying at this hotel with a classic touch, various types of rooms, ranging from deluxe to suites, that you can choose according to your wishes.

Regarding facilities, this 5-star hotel will not disappoint its guests because they provide the highest quality furniture. The hotel also provides a variety of interesting restaurants to try. There are Ji Long Chinese Restaurant, Spoon Dining Restaurant, and Alfresco Dining. Prepare your stomach!

Well, you aren’t confused about choosing a comfortable hotel with complete facilities for a vacation in Medan, right? Before you plan a trip to Medan, be sure to read more about Medan and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.