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Wooden Front Doors: Everything You Need to Know

Having a fancy and beautiful front door is worth it, both for the elegance it adds to your house and the way it makes your house more valuable. That’s why the best front doors are always made of wood, because of the natural beauty of wood and its unparalleled capacity for crafting. 

However, having a wooden front door may or may not be good for you. If you are from Canada, you can and preferably should order your front doors for home from Inter-Québec. However, there are many factors regarding wooden doors that you need to take into account before you decide to put a wooden door on your entryway. Consider the following factors:

  • Rain

Rain may potentially damage your wooden front door, which is why you need to design your entryway such that it protects your door from rain. 

If your entryway can’t protect your door from rain, you should rather go for steel or iron doors. There should be a roof above your wooden front door. 

This is necessary for lowering maintenance costs and increasing the durability and life of your wooden door. 

  • Exposure to Sun

Too much exposure of your wooden front door to the sun may damage it. In order to avoid that, you should have your wooden front door carefully coated and change its coating once every five or six years. 

  • Fire 

If the place where you live is prone to fire, having a wooden front door can be synonymous with inviting death. Also, the quality of your wooden door matters and should be such that the door can withstand a 40-minute inferno. 

  • Cold

Your wooden front door should have an R-value of approximately 2.5 and must be more than one inch thicker in order to withstand cold temperatures. In case your wooden front door has a very low R-value, it won’t be able to stop air filtration. 

  • Thickness and Height 

Front doors are usually made of strong material, and people prefer them to be thick and heightened. The same applies to wooden front doors. However, in doing so, you should not compromise on the weight of the door. 


Front doors are extremely important to every house owner because they act as a focal point of their house. Front doors are clearly visible to visitors the moment they look at your house for the first time. 

That’s why people are often willing to spend stupidly large sums of money on their front doors. Material matters, and most people and experts recommend that your front doors be made of wood.