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BBQs 2U Claims Blackstone 38” Griddle Can Offer Great Food for Lifetime

For Kamado Joe Classic or Masterbuilt Gravity series buyers from the UK Mainland approach the well-knowledgeable BBQs 2U store in Gwynedd LL53 7 UD. It is a business started with the aim to help people enjoy the best barbequing experience. The store sells grills from quality brands like Napoleon, Kamado Joe, and Masterbuilt. They are even affiliated with Ooni Pizza Ovens.

For maximizing the grilling experience they also added Blackstone BS 36 and BS 28 to their inventory list. The standard grill grates cannot cook liquid and small items like tiny shrimps or pancakes or eggs because it gets lost in the fire. The Blackstone Griddle models shine at this.

The Blackstone Original 36in Griddle With Hood available at BBQs 2U is a customer’s favorite because of its versatile and fantastic features. It is heavy for outdoor cooking but its pushcart with a square body and wheels looks glamorous. Most of the frame and griddle are steel, so can last long. Good materials and weight offer the feel of reliability and quality, which is a reason people look to invest.

B36 is easy to assemble. Unfold the legs, attach side shelves, and place the griddle slate on the top. The piece is large and weighs 50 pounds, so take a helping hand to lift it. Attach the propane gas bottle and it is ready to griddle!

Besides, it is equipped with 4 separate gas burners to control heat and supplies 60,000 BTUs of firepower. The way to use is just like the indoor hob but the difference is it has a huge pan surface for cooking. The cooked food is great because of precise heating control across the 4-burner setup.

The 36” cooking surface is designed from rolled steel and not stainless steel. It allows the seasoning of the griddle with ease. Start rustling pancakes and griddle sausage at the same time because there is a separate dedicated section for both. The 720 sq. inches cooking surface can handle every one’s favorites or keep cooked food warm until the other dishes get completed. Unlike serving food in batches, the new BS 36 allows one to serve the meal simultaneously.

The two side shelves are working areas and there is a big shelf under the main griddle along with a grease trap on its rear. No need to run into the kitchen in the middle of griddling for a utensil or plates or chopping board. The under-shelf space is large enough to hold things.

The gas grates on grills are steel and not cast iron so will often need seasoning. The rolled steel top is durable but not rust-free, so clean it as well as oil it before storing. Scrape the griddle top with a specially designed BS scrapper and eliminate the excess debris and grease with a wet cloth. In the end oil and re-season it.

Blackstone products offer a 1-year warranty on parts, finishes, and workmanship. Buying from BBQs 2U allows 2-year warranty on fantastic support and offers attractive payment options. Delivery is free for UK buyers with real-time tracking!