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Why You Should Hire An Import Broker?

“A journey of thousand miles begins with a step”

Most companies start small, but with time when their trade flow increases, they consider joining the international markets.

The world has come closer; so crossing borders is no more an obstacle. Custom clearance still remains a major issue to be dealt with, which is why customs brokers are highly essential.

Who is a customs broker?

Custom brokers are involved with arranging custom clearance processes during a shipment. They are professionals who manage the paperwork with expertise while following the rules and compliance.

An important precursor when choosing a customs broker is the certification by the US customs and border protection. In this regard, Clearit import brokers has certified brokers at your beck and call.

A broker can be an individual, a private firm, a corporation, or an entity. They cannot work in the market without official verification. The customs brokers are paid a fee for the services they provide.

The question now arises- Why do I hire a custom broker if I can submit the documents all by myself?

One can surely take the responsibility of doing the work by himself, but the rules and regulations involved with trade are very complex. One might not even recognize and fall into a trap. To ensure an error-free process, even the successful and knowledgeable businessmen hire import brokers. Import brokers perform your work for you efficiently.

A few responsibilities associated with import brokers are-

1] Represent clients- Import brokers hold power of attorney from their clients. They explain laws and regulations and keep a check on transactions while ensuring compliance.

2] Payment of duties and fee- The customs are paid directly and the bill is provided to the client by import brokers. The broker makes sure the client isn’t paying extra and request for a refund, if that does happen.

3] Manage transactions- The documentation and paperwork is taken care of by import brokers. They make use of commercial invoice, prepare entry forms, and transmit information to the US customs electronically.

4] Maintain reports- Last but not least import brokers are excellent at record-keeping. They retain well-segregated documents for at least 5 years. Records are confidential and to be shared only with customs and clients.

When buying property, we refer to experts in the area. We don’t just walk into a house and buy it. Similarly, when importing goods, why not seek help of an import broker and ensure a safe deal?